One of the greatest things about golf carts is that they’re used for so much more than driving around a golf course. That may have been their intended purpose, but golf carts have blown up, finding widespread use in both commercial and private applications.

Because golf carts are used for such a wide variety of purposes, it’s important to have them decked out with accessories that are useful for their situation. As national golf cart wholesalers, we’ve seen just about every kind of golf cart and accessory that exists under the sun. There are many upgrades that can make your golf cart more useful — here are a few of them!

Heavy Duty Tires

There are some who see golf carts as miniature, stripped-down cars. There are others who feel like they’re more like safer, simpler four-wheelers. In reality, a golf cart can be both — it might just depend on what kind of wheels they’re running.

Most golf carts come with standard street tires, which are usually eight inches, and not good for a whole lot more than cruising around on pavement and trimmed grass. If you want to open up your golf cart to new horizons, consider installing some heavy-duty tires on them!

Much like traditional cars, golf carts can be installed with much larger tires than the ones they were manufactured with. Big, thick offroad tiles open up a lot of possibilities. No, you probably shouldn’t be scaling mountains with them, but you can find a lot more offroad usage — this upgrade is quite popular for farmers and campground owners.

Additional Lights

Your golf cart will come with standard headlights, but they have the potential to be equipped with so much more. Lights are important for the obvious reasons of safety and functionality — they allow you to drive at night. But that much is obvious; have you considered what you could do with a more creative lighting setup?

Lights can help your golf cart to stand out at night to crowds. If you install a lightbar or an underbody lighting system, it can easily identify your vehicle as a passenger pickup/dropoff vehicle. It can also make your golf cart look sleek and modern, which is something that could be great for a tourist destination, such as a luxury hotel.

Spotlights are also useful — golf carts often cruise around at night, and if something happens to get lost, such as a person, an item, or yourself, spotlights can illuminate objects far away. Do you have a security team on your property who drives around on golf carts? A spotlight can make their lives easier.

A Handy Cooler

One of the funny things about golf carts is that coolers are an extremely common upgrade, which gives them a commodity that you won’t find in actual cars. But it’s easy to see why built-in coolers are so effective — who doesn’t love to crack open a nice cold drink on a hot day in an open vehicle?

Golf cart coolers are fun because there’s about ten million options at your disposal. You could get a giant cooler that doubles as a seat. You could get a nice little small one on your dashboard. You could have it attached to the roof. Whatever you can imagine, there’s probably a cooler upgrade out there for you — there are companies who solely specialize in this.

Wholesale Golf Carts in Jacksonville

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