Over the years, golf carts have come to transcend their original purpose of being useful vehicles on a golf course. Golf carts are used far and wide, all over the world, for a variety of different purposes. As a golf cart wholesaler, who sells them in bulk to dealers all over the world, we know just how amazing golf carts are — but there are several fun facts about them that make them even more interesting.

Want to learn a cool thing or two about golf carts? You’ve come to the right place.

Fun Golf Cart Facts

They Were Originally Designed for Disabled Golfers

Did you know that golf carts weren’t originally designed for everyone to use? Indeed, they were actually made for disabled golfers who had a harder time traversing the massive golf courses on foot. Of course, it wasn’t long before fellow golfers saw how convenient the little vehicles were, and started asking, “How do we get it on that?”

Over time, golf cart use started spreading until it became the de-facto mode of transportation through golf courses and other large properties.

Golf Carts Go Back to the 40s

The first golf carts go way back to the 40s, making them almost 80 years old at this point. While the very first golf carts originated in that decade, they didn’t start seeing widespread use until the early 50s — but when they did, they really took off! Golf courses are where these vehicles were born, but they quickly ended up spreading to retirement communities. Over time, many other industries would start adopting golf carts, such as hotel properties, and apartment complexes.

Golf Cart Parades Are a Thing

Everyone loves a good parade, and what’s the point of having a cool golf cart if you can’t show it off? If you do an online search you’ll find that there are countless results for golf cart parades, some even carried out by huge corporate entities such as Disney.

Golf cart parades often involve golf carts which have been extensively decorated to resemble a parade float. The biggest one ever was here in Florida, where there were over 3,300 participants. Now that’s a lot of golf carts!

Golf Cart Insurance Exists

While shows like The Office have had comedic scenes where characters unwittingly drive golf carts into a ditch, the grim reality is that there are actually thousands of golf-cart related accidents that happen in the US every single year. Some of these are tragic and unavoidable, while others happen due to negligence and recklessness — often from teenagers.

It should come as no surprise, then, that many companies offer a specific type of insurance that is designed for golf carts. You’re probably well aware of this if you’re one of the many dealers who buys wholesale golf carts from us in bulk, but it’s nonetheless an important thing to know for any golf cart owner.

Golf Carts Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

For the average person, it’s easy to assume that most golf carts are the same, albeit with minor variations in aesthetics, seating, and so on. But many companies have actually gotten pretty ambitious with golf carts, and you’ll find there’s much more variety than you may have thought.

When you’re choosing a golf cart, you have the option between electric and gas, which has implications for how far the cart can travel in a single day. There are off-road golf carts, fast golf carts, slow golf carts, open golf carts, covered golf carts, and so much more. If you really want to see how many different types of golf carts there are, inquire about receiving access to our inventory, which is among the largest on earth.

Wholesale Golf Carts for Sale

If you’re a dealer, it can be hard to find golf carts in large quantities to keep your inventory fresh. That’s where we come in. As golf cart wholesalers, we sell our vehicles in bulk, sometimes thousands at a time. Are you interested in working with us to order wholesale golf carts? Contact X-it Outdoors today.